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Longer HGV’s have been approved to travel on UK Roads


On the 10th May 2023 new legislation was laid enabling longer HGVs to travel on UK Roads.

Laws have been amended to permit longer semi-trailer (LST) combinations, these are 2.05m longer than a standard trailer, creating a total length of up to 18.55m.

The longer vehicles have been allowed on to UK roads, following an 11-year trial. The aim is to boost productivity and capacity, in turn reducing the associated carbon dioxide from fewer vehicles on the road to carry the same volume of produce. The longer HGVs will reduce journeys by 8% compared to the shorter standard trailer. Or one fewer standard trailer for every 12 trips of the LST.

Vehicles using the LSTs will still be subject to the 44-tonne weight limit but are expected to cause less road damage due to their steering axles.

After the extended trail period finishes on 29th February 2024, operators of these new longer trailers will be expected to ensure that routes are appropriate for the longer trailers, with risk assessments that take into account the unique specifications of the trailers.

Transport operators using the Descartes Route optimisation and delivery scheduling software can rest assured that only routes suitable for the new longer trailers will be created when that type of vehicle is used in planning deliveries.


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