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June - eighth month of diesel price increases

June is now the eighth month of diesel price increases!

The RAC has reported that June saw diesel prices at the pumps increase for the eighth month in a row reaching their highest price in two years. Diesel has increased an average of 2.5p per litre to £134.32.

The increase for June was promoted by an increase of 10% for oil leading to a 2p/litre jump in the wholesale cost of diesel. The cost of fuel is expected to rise, said a representative from the RAC. With a worrying deficit by the end of oil, meaning prices are only likely to increase more.

There is no doubt over the next few years organisations will need to embrace tools which help streamline deliveries and are more energy efficient and sustainable with increasing fuel costs, driver shortages and the continuing home delivery demands from ecommerce. By introducing operational efficiencies and making a conscious effort to reduce diesel consumption and their carbon footprint now, delivery companies can become more sustainable, in line with consumer expectations and help to safeguard the environment – and their business – for the long-term. As companies switch to electric vehicles for their deliveries it will be even more critical for them to plan their deliveries as economically as possible, allowing for the range of the batteries and recharging, all factors which can be accounted for in the Descartes routing and delivery scheduling software.” Said Andrew Tavener, EMENA Marketing Manager, Descartes.

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