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Join the Descartes Innovation Forum

Join the Descartes Innovation Forum

In June 2022, Descartes hosted a unique event. The Innovation Forum.

Attendees were able to learn from Descartes solution and industry experts and leading customers about how you can be more productive and effective with the resources you have for last-mile logistics.

Key presentations discussed how you can mitigate the challenges of driver shortages, rising fuel costs and satisfy demanding customers.

There were topical industry presentations and customer success stories from Halfords, SIG UK and Brook Furniture Rental, which demonstrated how leveraging Descartes software solutions for delivery route planning and execution will boost performance and reduce costs.

Live Presentations and discussions took place on June 21st – June 23rd 2022.


Innovation Forum presentations are still available

As you know, the innovation forum featured in-depth case studies from customers of how Descartes' solutions optimised their fleets as well as a view into the future of routing, mobile, and telematics.

Because the forum was so successful, we have kept the presentation recordings so everyone can watch them.

View the recordings today!

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