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HGV driver training subsidy announced by UK Government

UK HGV Driver Grants


The HGV Skills Bootcamp scheme to train drivers to become qualified HGV drivers has been extended to February 2026 after a training provider secured £10m in funding. This will enable a further 2,160 individuals over the next 12 months to be trained as HGV drivers, with the Department for Education providing a contribution of up to 90% towards the cost of their training, 70% if the company has more than 250 employees. 

HGV Skills bootcamps are training courses funded by the UK Government that aim to assist companies in training skilled HGV drivers. Since the start of the scheme, 1,070 trainees have passed their practical test for HGV’s. 

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Solving the HGV Driver shortage with these training schemes is a welcome initiative, qualified drivers remain a valuable resource. By implementing route planning and delivery scheduling software, companies can make the most of their driver pool.  

Descartes route optimisation software helps plan efficient delivery routes, minimising travel times and maximising deliveries per driver. This translates to increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption, and improved driver satisfaction. In essence, route optimisation software allows companies to stretch the capabilities of their existing driver force, making the most of vehicles and drivers while the HGV driver shortage continues. 


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