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HGV driver shortages threatens Christmas’ cheer

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The HGV driver shortage hasn’t gone away, companies are still finding it difficult to recruit and retain drivers (see our blog - The ultimate guide to overcoming HGV driver shortages). It is estimated that we are still around 43,000 drivers short in the UK. 

A recent letter from the Wine and Spirits Association (WSTA) signed by 49 of their members, to Grant Shapps – UK Transport Secretary, has highlighted the difficulties their members are experiencing due mainly to a shortage of HGV drivers in the UK and warning that they will struggle to get drinks to customers in the future, especially in the run-up to their peak period – Christmas. 

While the cost of freight has recently increased by around 7% due mainly to salary increases   required to retain HGV drivers, the beverage companies are also being hindered by traffic delays at ports and are calling for better routing at ports, plus more regular updates from the DVLA about HGV Driving tests and licences after Covid caused large backlogs of tests. 


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