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HGV Driver Licences Surge

Driver shortages eased as more HGV Driver Licences are issued.

Between January and October this year almost 230,000 HGV driver licences were issued. The DVLA has processed over 40,000 HGV and vocational licences in just the month of October. (Read the article here) While UK Government bootcamps will support a further 11,000 people to gain the skills necessary to become professional HGV Drivers. (Read more about Bootcamps). Many drivers are also changing jobs to drive for another operator. With so many new drivers coming into the sector and changing jobs operators need to be confident that any newly recruited driver really does have a valid HGV licence and is entitled to drive. It would also be useful to know how many points they have on their licence. 

Descartes’ SmartLicence  enables operators to verify the licence details of any new driver with the DVLA and set up ongoing automated checks in accordance to the risk profile of the driver – the more points the more frequently they get checked.  Alerts can then be sent to the manager for any new points or offences.

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