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Evolving Customer Expectations

The current HGV and van driver shortage will be exacerbated in the lead up to Christmas as more goods are ordered online. Companies involved in delivery route planning for the goods ordered need to maximise their delivery capacities and consider the needs of the consumer or suffer the consequences.

Since March 2020, online purchases and home deliveries have soared, and will continue to remain high even as the impact of the pandemic wanes. Consumers value the convenience of home deliveries but have also experienced issues with those deliveries. Retailers should consider the whole end-to-end customer experience including how their goods are delivered, because bad experiences force consumers to seek alternative suppliers.

Extract from an article in ModernRetail;

"Customers value convenience. If delivery slots lack flexibility, or if the options are not up to scratch, they are likely to purchase from elsewhere. It was found that 45% of British consumers are more likely to shop with a merchant if next-day delivery is available at the point of purchase, and whilst an allocated time slot is one of the most preferred delivery options, 83% of retailers do not offer them."

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Home Delivery Route planning - Man hands over parcels on home delivery

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