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Eco Expectations for Deliveries

British Consumers’ Environmental Expectations for Their Deliveries are Growing

It’s clear that there is a shift in consumer buying habits and retailers should be prioritising sustainable operations as a way to win additional sales.

Carbon Neutral Parcel Deliveries

Rather than treating environmental concerns as just another consumer demand, retailers should improve their delivery sustainability and promote it to help attract more customers and improve their bottom line.

Recent Descartes research, found that 71% of respondents stated they consider the environmental impact of their purchases before completing their order.

In an article on Modern Retail Our Head of Marketing, Andrew Tavener, explains how implementing simple and automated software solutions that optimise delivery operations can also help to seamlessly reduce the environmental impact.

Read the full article here.

Using advanced route optimisation software from Descartes can not only save you money but will also help reduce the impact on the environment. Contact us  to find out what route optimisation can do for your business today.