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Earned Recognition highlights operational benefits of compliance management software

Earned Recognition highlights operational benefits of compliance management software

With the pilot now firmly underway, the DVSA’s Earned Recognition initiative will give transport operators the opportunity to share their compliance data and in the future, receive fewer roadside enforcement checks.

As companies come under increasing pressure to squeeze additional performance from their operations to meet growing consumer demand, accredited and compliant operators will benefit from avoiding the expense and impact on their customers of delays from roadside checks.

Compliance-led efficiency gains

There are many benefits of moving to electronic road transport compliance management software. It improves accuracy, cuts costs, and it creates visibility and therefore accountability for maintaining a compliant and legal operation. However, there is also potential to drive greater value by moving beyond siloed technology deployments to joined-up paperless operations.

Using drivers’ hours data could help fleet operators achieve greater operational efficiencies. Building an excessive drivers’ hours contingency into delivery schedules can be avoided. Drivers should not find themselves in situations where they must park up in laybys for a rest or wait for delivery slots. Nor should they ever be faced with a choice between exceeding drivers’ hours or missing a customer delivery slot.

Descartes SmartCompliance™ software

Alongside other providers and operators, Descartes is proud to be working with the DVSA on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) required by the Earned Recognition pilot for tachographs and the management of drivers’ hours through its SmartCompliance™ software.

Descartes’ Smartanalysis is the industry’s leading tachograph analysis and reporting Software as a Service solution for fleets of all sizes. With more than 100 standard reports and KPIs configured specifically to meet the DVSA’s Earned Recognition pilot, transport operators can now take advantage of in-depth tachograph and drivers’ hours data to achieve Earned Recognition status.

In addition, the latest release of Descartes’ SmartLicence provides the ability to automatically validate their drivers’ CPC certificates and digital tachograph cards alongside the driving licence. Driver CPC training can be monitored and any changes to driving licence details identified. SmartLicence conducts checks in accordance with the risk profile of a driver, with higher risk drivers receiving more frequent checks. Any changes to the licence, such as new points, are highlighted in standard reports and can be configured as an automated email alert, making it much easier for fleet managers to spot issues that need their attention and take appropriate action.

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To find out more about the Earned Recognition pilot or the compliance and operational benefits of utilising Descartes’ SmartCompliance™ software, speak to a member of our team. Watch this space for more information about the 2017 Descartes UK Customer & Partner Event too – taking place on Tuesday 7th November – which we are pleased to announce the DVSA will be speaking at!