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Diesel Prices Continue to Soar

Rising fuel costs graph

Over the last year, fuel prices have been continuously rising, but the war in Ukraine has now pushed the price of diesel to new record highs, with the average price of diesel greater than £1.75.

The cost of Brent crude oil has risen from around $80 a barrel in January to almost $140 this week. Russia accounts for around 8% of the global oil supply and as countries start to look for alternative suppliers the demand on other sources will exceed supply leading to further price increases.

With fuel duty making up 37% of the cost and VAT accounting for 16% of what you pay at the pumps, Chancellor Rishi Sunak is being urged to cut the tax on fuel in his spring statement later this month. This is because fuel is a vital part of our economy, and we are reliant on lorries powered by diesel to transport the majority of our goods.

Rising fuel prices have an impact on the cost of delivered goods and companies should do their utmost to reduce the effect this will have.

Utilising delivery route planning software to help Increase delivery density and offset rising costs, while travelling optimised delivery routes to reduce the miles driven and the fuel used can only make sense.

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Overcoming rising fuel prices 

Delivery companies are facing a massive challenge to control costs and continue to deliver the service expected by their customers.  Discover what can be done and how the challenge can be overcome in this article in ModernRetail by our Head of Fleet Marketing for EMEA. Andrew Tavener.

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