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Descartes Launch Mobile Driver Vehicle Safety Checks

Descartes Launch Mobile Driver Vehicle Safety Checks

The end of 2018 saw the launch of our brand new Smartcheck Mobile Driver Vehicle Safety Check (DVSC) solution. Available as part of our SmartCompliance suite, DVSC provides transport operators of all sizes the ability to gain a complete picture of compliance through tachograph data, driving licence and driver CPC verification and now, walk-around vehicle safety checks.

By assuring compliance with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s (DVSA’s) required walk-around driver vehicle safety checks, DVSC improves the safety of commercial fleets and helps to mitigate roadside prohibitions that occur due to poor roadworthiness. It has been estimated that over 80% of roadside prohibitions due to roadworthiness could have been avoided if an effective walk-around vehicle check had taken place.

Complete compliance

As an integral part of our SmartCompliance portfolio, DVSC comes with the ability to produce powerful reporting that turns vehicle check data into useful management information to maintain a compliant transport operation. Transport Managers can access a real-time holistic view of the status of all vehicles within the fleet and generate internal reports of defects and repairs as well as monitoring driver behaviour in conducting essential vehicle checks.

The cloud-based solution replaces traditional paper-based record keeping with an  walk-around check app that can be on a handheld mobile devices and online web interface for management and reporting. Drivers using DVSC are guided through essential safety checks on vehicles mandated by DVSA. With the use of real-time data, transport managers can rest assured that vehicle checks have taken place and any reported defects are dealt with.

Conducting effective vehicle checks is essential in maintaining a roadworthy fleet, DVSC empowers drivers to carry out vehicle checks more easily, quickly and efficiently. Our solution creates an auditable record of checks and provides drivers with the ability to take corrective action that protects drivers and the general public alike.

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