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Delivery Driver shortage and the impact on fuel prices

The fuel distribution crisis at the end of September, where demand has dramatically exceeded supply, will undoubtedly push the price of diesel up even further at forecourt pumps, with warnings that it could rise a further 3p to 10p per litre as we go into October. 

Before the well-publicised crisis, we had seen increases in wholesale fuel of 2p per litre in just 4 days. The price of diesel fuel continued to rise throughout September, and we have now seen the eleventh month of fuel price rises, resulting in an 8 year high. 

Road transport operators need to embrace delivery route planning software tools that can help them achieve more for the fuel consumed, by increasing delivery density.  The added pressure of a shortage of drivers means that companies involved in home delivery or B2B deliveries, now more than ever, need to make the most of the resources (fuel, vehicles and drivers) they already have. Having an advanced multi drop routing and scheduling software solution that can schedule deliveries as orders are taken and ensure that the  deliveries are organised as efficiently as possible, with optimised delivery routes to maximise delivery density, is vital.  While making sure that a lorry or van is at its optimal capacity and taking the most efficient route will minimise fuel consumption - ever more important as diesel prices continue to rise.

Even companies that swap to electric delivery vehicles to avoid the rising fuel prices and future fuel supply issues will still need to make sure that they are delivering goods efficiently. The distance a vehicle can travel and when it needs to recharge must be taken into consideration when planning routes, otherwise an electric vehicle will become stranded, resulting in failed deliveries and poor customer service.

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