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2G & 3G to be Switched Off in the UK

2G & 3G to be Switched Off in the UK


UK Telecoms companies to switch off 2G and 3G networks starting in 2023

Vodafone is shutting down its 3G network in the UK from 2023 with EE following suit in 2025. While most people won’t be worried about this, as their mobile phones use 4G and even 5G now, a business that has older vehicle tracking and telematics devices will need to check if their vehicle’s devices will be affected and upgrade them to a solution using 4G.

O2 and 3 in the UK have also confirmed the phasing out of their older 2G network by 2033 and Orange by 2030 affecting older vehicle tracking devices that rely on these networks.

To maintain fleet visibility and safety companies will need to upgrade to newer telematics devices offering enriched services and utilising the 4G and 5G networks.

Descartes’ Telematics devices rely on the 4G network for their information-rich data-packet transfers and will therefore continue to be usable for the foreseeable future.

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