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£20m in HGV Roadside improvements planned

The UK Government has announced that HGV drivers will benefit from £20 million in improvements to roadside facilities as part of their ongoing collaboration with industry aimed at improving driver welfare and combating the effects of the driver shortage in the UK.

The National Highways' funding is part of an existing £169 million Users and Communities Fund and will be used to improve security, showers, and eating facilities, for HGV Drivers as well as exploring the expansion of parking spaces for HGVs. Roadside service providers are encouraged to apply for the multimillion-pound fund right away.

Since last year, the government has invested a total of £52.5 million in driving amenities. The Chancellor had already pledged £32.5 million in his budget to improve HGV driver facilities across the country, raising standards and ensuring driver comfort and safety.

Roads minister Baroness Vere said: “HGV drivers play a key role in keeping our nation running and contributing to the economy, and it is vital they feel safe and comfortable wherever they stop. That’s why we’re allocating £20m to ramp up security and improve amenities for drivers – building on the raft of measures we’ve already taken to support the industry. We’ll continue to work closely with the sector to boost professional driver numbers even further.” 

HGV drivers are required by law to take regular rest periods, including overnight mandated rest breaks, and have previously cited a lack of available parking and suitable roadside facilities as one of the main barriers to recruitment, so an increase in funding for this important sector of the economy is very welcome news. Without sufficient rest stops drivers are more likely to incur infringements, and break driver’s hours regulations.

For any fleet operator the monitoring of your drivers’ hours is essential and the easiest way to do this is with software that provides an automated daily download of the drivers’ and vehicle tachograph data. Descartes SmartAnalysis tachograph analysis service combined with telematics provides a fully automated solution that makes it easier to manage compliance with drivers’ hours for driver safety and safety of other road users. 

Rear of HGV Lorry on motorway