Transport Management

Increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer service of outsourced transportation operations

Transport Management Options

Whether you outsource all your road transport operations or use a mix of in-house and outsourced transportation the Descartes Transportation Management suite can help. Our modular solutions provide the capabilities that power some of the largest logistics operations in the world.

Carrier Selection and Connectivity

Based on predefined criteria the Descartes’ decision engine will assess which carrier is best to execute the delivery. The module then tracks when Planners/users deviate from the system-selected carriers and provides historical analysis of the extra costs incurred to curtail “maverick” transportation spending.

Electronic connectivity to carriers via the Descartes GLN™ (Global Logistics Network) facilitates effective planning and execution to achieve desired delivery service levels within acceptable costs.

The Descartes GLN™ enables users to connect and collaborate with “high tech”, “low tech”, and “no tech” carriers and logistics service providers, from tender through to proof of delivery.

Many carriers are already members of the Descartes GLN™. This reduces implementation costs and accelerates the rollout of a transportation management solution to preferred carriers and logistics partners.

Descartes Transport Management provides small package rating, manifesting and labelling, including fully compliant interfaces for small package carriers like UPS, FedEx, DHL and hundreds of other small package and LTL carriers.

Dock Scheduling

The Dock Scheduling & appointment process by distributing the responsibility for scheduling warehouse deliveries or pickups to carriers and suppliers. Ensuring all supply chain partners are involved in the process and have visibility into requested, scheduled and rescheduled dock appointments, optimises receiving operations for inbound shipments and helps coordinate outbound pickups.

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Yard Management

Descartes Yard Management™ assists operators in managing the movement of trailers and associated inventory. Real-time visibility of trailer content and locations within the yard enables organisations to quickly identify and access stock on hand, minimising inventory requirements.

With Descartes Yard Management™, coordinators can plan and track trailer positions, arrivals and departures across distributed or centralised yards, as well as record trailer status, moves, inspections and security seal changes.

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Visibility, tracking and performance management

Gain improved logistics efficiency by providing a single integrated view of shipments, inventory and delivery performance.

For manufacturers, retailers and distributors, Descartes can provide a comprehensive view of the product delivery process from purchase order to warehouse receipt.
For logistics service providers and carriers, Descartes’ multi-company role-based access supports provisioning of value-added visibility services to end customers.

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The Descartes platform continuously:

  • Gauges material movement against shipment milestones
  • Monitors at-risk or critical orders
  • Enables trend analysis of performance
  • Provides score-carding of carriers and suppliers based on lead-time, fill rate, or on-time rates
  • Tracks key performance indicators (KPIs).

“With better information, we can move our product through the pipeline rather than investing our resources in safety inventory.”

Kevin F. Smith – Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics, CVS Pharmacy

Inbound logistics management

With Descartes Logistics Flow Control, retailers, suppliers and carriers can use the same solution to manage the “end-to-end purchase order management process”, helping retailers to:

  • Improve control of inventory in motion;
  • Reduce purchase order cycle time, transportation costs, inventory carrying costs, and custom filing; and
  • Measure supplier and carrier performance.

Descartes Logistics Flow Control enables retailers, suppliers, customs brokers and carriers to benefit from unprecedented levels of coordination at each stage of the inbound supply chain process.

Click here for more information on Descartes Logistics Flow Control and to read about;

  • Purchase order visibility
  • Compliance assurance and shipping advice
  • Entry control security
  • Import compliance

Features & Benefits

Carrier selection and connectivity

Quick and easy connection to third party carriers and selection of the best carrier based on defined criteria such as cost and reliability.

Dock appointment scheduling and yard management

Improved utilisation and smooth operation of dock and yard facilities with reduced stock holding.

Visibility tracking and performance management

Minimise costs with reductions in safety inventory, failed orders and unnecessary reorders.

Inbound logistics management

Improved visibility and control with reductions in order time, transportation cost, inventory and customs filings.

Identify similar shipments

Reduce costs by indentifying and then combining shipments.