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Multi Drop Route Planner

Plan and Route Multiple Delivery Drops Easily

The Descartes Multi Drop Route planner is a simple and cost-effective way to optimise your deliveries.

The on-demand route planning software makes it easy to;

  • Plan multiple drop delivery routes
  • Optimise vehicle deliveries
  • Plan & dispatch routes 
  • Manage orders and address verification
  • Track a vehicle’s progress in real time 
  • Capture proof-of-delivery (POD) information
  • Send customer notifications
  • Obtain business reports and conduct analysis

multi drop route planner work flow

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Features of Descartes' cloud-based multiple drop route planner software 

  • Available on demand over the internet
  • Scalable, easily expanded – vehicles, users, locations
  • Combines comprehensive delivery route planning functionality with ease of use with an intuitive user experience.

The multiple drop route planer software will optimise both dynamic and static delivery routes in order to maximise efficiency and create a greater delivery density. 

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  • Integrating Order Management with the Multi Drop Route Planner

    Easy-to-use integration quickly helps to get multiple orders into the route planning system. 

    • Address verification and order address coordinates are quickly validated. 
    • Intelligent filters improve data integrity and identify issues 
    • Exceptions such as incorrect addresses can be manually corrected by planners.
  • Multi Drop Route Planning and Route Optimisation

    multi drop route planner route optimisation



    The optimisation engine will take into consideration multiple factors such as;

    • The road network and direction of travel
    • Time of travel 
    • Vehicle and operational constraints;
    • Customer and order requirements 


    Planning time is minimised, as routes are continuously optimised as orders are taken and planners can focus on the exceptions and continuous improvement. 

    Read more about the advantages of continuous optimisation.

  • Multi Drop Route Execution

    multi drop route planner execution

    The multi drop routes planned detail;

    • stop sequences
    • drive, arrival, and departure times 


    These details are electronically transmitted to each driver’s mobile device.

    Then as each multi drop route is executed, a real-time GPS-based signal updates the multi drop delivery schedule in real time, recalculating delivery ETAs and notifying planner/dispatchers if route plans are deviated from or a delivery is at risk of being missed.

    Equally, planners/dispatchers can easily update drivers on any customer changes or new orders/collections. All of this activity is viewed through an intuitive, graphically based user interface.

  • Multi Drop Vehicle Tracking

    multi drop route planner vehicle tracking



    Each driver utilises a GPS-based mobile application, easily loaded on to any smartphone. While providing route directions to the driver the app will also help to ensure that routes are executed to plan and any exceptions to the route are communicated immediately back to planners.

    Read more about Vehicle Telematics

  • Customer Notifications for Multiple Drop Delivery Routes

    multi drop route planner customer alerts



    This is a comprehensive service enabling engagement with customers throughout the delivery process.

    The solution can automatically:

    • Notify the customer of scheduled or adjusted delivery times via e-mail, micro apps, SMS, or phone calls. 
    • Send multiple messages including dynamically generated ETAs and statuses can be communicated to customers (e.g. “arriving in 30 minutes”, etc.) 


    Customers like to be kept informed.

  • Customer Service for Deliveries

    multi drop route planner Customer Service



    Not only will continual communication with customers help to ensure a successful delivery and minimise failed deliveries where the recipient needs to be present, but the multi drop route planner software will help ensure that delivery vehicles stick to and achieve the intended delivery time originally supplied to the customer.

    However, issues outside of your control can work to prevent schedules being met and timely information via the multi drop route planner software enables updates of expected arrival times for deliveries to be sent to the customer.

  • Multi Drop Proof of Deliveries

    multi drop route planner proof of delivery




    Utilising the mobile app drivers can acquire proof of delivery details, signatures and/or images for access later, either by route planners, customer services or the customer. This eliminates traditional paper-based processes and reduces the associated overheads such as paper, ink and printers.

    Descrates' proof of delivery system will reduce customer enquiries for proof of delivery documentation and the associated administration work by up to 80%. 

    Proof of Delivery Case Study

  • Data Analytics for Multiple Drop Delivery Route Planners

    multi drop route planner analytics



    All of the delivery information generated by Descartes Route Planner On-demand can be turned into valuable insights which identify areas of opportunity or improvement. Through predefined dashboards and flexible, but intuitive reporting, planners, dispatchers and fleet managers can drill down into their operations data enabling future improvements in delivery and driver performance.

    Laptop Analytics dark blue


  • Mobile App for Multi Drop Deliveries

    The app, available for both android & iOS platforms, is a multifunctional, real-time GPS-based solution that facilitates the optimisation of a driver’s performance in the field.
    The mobile app provides drivers with:

    • directions and turn by turn information
    • digital maps to help drivers navigate their route
    • communication with dispatchers regarding deliveries
    • a flexible workflow configurable to guide drivers through the delivery process and capture critical delivery information. 
    • proof of delivery module


    electronic proof of delivery devices dark blue


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