Descartes Mobile™ Applications

Manage exceptions in real-time, improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience

Mobile Applications

Descartes Mobile is a family of wireless applications that connect field-based information directly into Descartes' software solutions.

These mobile applications operate across a broad range of mobile platforms and an extreme variety of devices, both ruggedised and consumer grade, to support your unique needs, budget and technology strategy.

Mobile devices allow paper-based systems to be replaced, increase accuracy of deliveries and reduce missed deliveries.


Having a fully optimised route and plan for deliveries is one thing but managing it in real-time with unexpected traffic delays, damaged or missing goods and failed deliveries is another. Descartes Mobile™ Applications provide real time data communications to manage exceptions and eliminate traditional paper based processes to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience.

En-route capabilities

  • Turn-by-turn navigation to improve driver productivity and help drivers get to where they are going.
  • Plan vs. actual performance monitoring and alerting.
  • Automatic delivery status updates and alerts when designated routes are not followed or deliveries schedules are at risk.
  • Real-time updates enable dispatchers to dynamically adjust routes based on actual performance and any changes to orders or deliveries.
  • Events such as arrivals, departures, and delays are captured and transmitted to provide an accurate status of the delivery schedule.
  • Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL): Use next generation Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to monitor vehicles or people in the field for advanced plan vs. actual performance monitoring. Shipment status updates and system alerts can be automatically triggered when designated routes are not followed. 

Proof of Delivery & ETA

Descartes Mobile™ solutions integrate with the route plans, collect comprehensive information such as proof of delivery and enable dispatchers to provide drivers with real-time updates. Data can also be used to keep customers updated on the progress of the delivery to minimise missed deliveries due to the recipient not being available to receive it.

At-Stop Capabilities

  • Scanning & Proof of Delivery (POD). Eliminate paper and streamline operations with signature capture, scan-on/scan-off capabilities, and confirmation of product counts, pictures of damages, and much more.
  • Scan the box label before delivery to ensure correct parcel for correct address.
  • Minimise billing cycles by transmitting essential financial and logistics data to customer service and billing systems.
  • Take pictures of correctly delivered parcels, uploaded to your system for dispatch and customer services to see.


Vehicle Safety Checks

Descartes Mobile Driver Vehicle Safety Check (DVSC) or SmartCheck™ is a cloud-based solution for walk around driver vehicle safety checks. Replacing traditional paper-based systems enables data to be captured and stored in real time.
A completely auditable record of checks is maintained along with any corrective actions taken.

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Commercial drivers perform the safety checks recording the results through the Descartes software, either on provided smart devices as used for Proof of delivery or on their own Android smart phones running the App. This enables transport managers to see the status & history of vehicles while fleet mechanics can plan repairs and log fixes.

SmartCheck™ is part of the Descartes SmartCompliance™ portfolio that includes Smartanalysis™, tachograph analysis and SmartLicence™, driving licence and driver CPC verification with DVLA.

Features & Benefits

Broad range of mobile platforms and devices

Mobile devices can be chosen based on unique needs, budget, networks, operating systems and technology strategy.

Turn by turn navigation

Improved driver performance and safety while reducing fuel consumption.

Scanning and proof of delivery (POD)

Eliminate paper and streamline operations to reduce costs, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Automatic vehicle location / GPS tracking

Track actual against plan with exception alerts automatically triggered, enabling more acurate prediction of delivery windows.

At stop commercial functions and credit card payments

Minimise billing cycles, fulfill new orders and update inventory data on the fly.

Driver vehicle safety checks

Obtain vehicle checks in realt-time over the internet to comply with DVSA requirements.