Route Planning & Optimisation Software

Increase revenue, reduce costs and provide an enhanced customer experience whilst complying with rules and regulations governing road transport operations

Descartes route planning, scheduling and transport management solutions enable fleet operators to manage routes, deliveries or service engineer's calls efficiently while providing visibility, tracking and performance management.
Achieving more deliveries/calls in fewer miles, reducing fuel costs and providing costed options in seconds.

Whilst the Mobile applications and Smart Compliance systems
keep drivers and fleets legal.

Existing clients have increased their delivery capacity by 35%
without increasing fleet resources and achieved over £1m in savings from fuel costs, vehicle servicing and consumables.

Route Planning Delivery Optimisation

Plan, dispatch and control fleet resources. Build optimised routes and schedules with costed delivery options in seconds. Achieve more deliveries in fewer miles to reduce fuel, servicing and maintenance costs.

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Transport Management

Manage your own fleet and external third parties from one easy to use interface. Maximise your vehicle utilisation, reduce the cost of using outsourced delivery agents and improve customer service.

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Mobile Applications

Use our mobile applications to improve delivery routes, provide ETAs, take new orders and proof of delivery, plus the recording of driver vehicle safety checks.

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Save yourself time, money and headaches in managing compliance with drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations. Ensure staff hold a valid driving licence and driver CPC. Minimise roadside prohibitions due to roadworthiness.

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Features & Benefits

Continuous background optimisation

Achieve more efficient route plans than traditional batch-based optimisation techniques and provide costed delivery options at the point of sale in seconds.

Dynamic scheduling

Easily accommodate changes on-the-fly such as new orders.


Provide an enhanced delivery experience with costed delivery options at the point of sale. Increase sales of goods and value added services.

Integration with other Descartes fleet management and optimisation solutions

Descartes route planning solutions have been designed to work with Descartes Mobile™ Applications, Transport Management and Compliance Management solutions to provide a one-stop-shop for optimising in-house fleets and third party transport operations.

Wide range of solutions for all fleet operations

Descartes routing solutions can accommodate all fleet sizes and operations. From fixed static routes delivering to retailers to dynamic home delivery operations. Get more out of your fleet assets and reduce the cost of transport operations.

ERP Systems

Descartes routingsoftware can be integrated with most ERP systems, resulting in seemless delivery bookings.

Additional parameter monitoring

Traceability of transactions such as fuel and toll payments by vehicle and time. Plus maintenance monitoring.

Carrier selection and connectivity

Quick and easy connection to third party carriers and selection of the best carrier based on defined criteria such as cost and reliability.

Dock appointment scheduling and yard management

Improved utilisation and smooth operation of dock and yard facilities with reduced stock holding.

Visibility tracking and performance management

Minimise costs with reductions in safety inventory, failed orders and unnecessary reorders.

Inbound logistics management

Improved visibility and control with reductions in order time, transportation cost, inventory and customs filings.

Identify similar shipments

Reduce costs by indentifying and then combining shipments.

Broad range of mobile platforms and devices

Mobile devices can be chosen based on unique needs, budget, networks, operating systems and technology strategy.

Turn by turn navigation

Improved driver performance and safety while reducing fuel consumption.

Scanning and proof of delivery (POD)

Eliminate paper and streamline operations to reduce costs, improving accuracy and efficiency.

Automatic vehicle location / GPS tracking

Track actual against plan with exception alerts automatically triggered, enabling more acurate prediction of delivery windows.

At stop commercial functions and credit card payments

Minimise billing cycles, fulfill new orders and update inventory data on the fly.

Driver vehicle safety checks

Obtain vehicle checks in realt-time over the internet to comply with DVSA requirements.

Extensive reports and SmartAlerts™

Management information reports and automated alerts to draw your attention to areas of non-compliance and issues that need immediate attention.

Management tools to deal infringements and offending drivers

Minimise infringements with problem drivers with a complete audit trail of actions taken.


Automatic remote download of digital tachograph data to a set schedule, safeguarding compliance, cutting costs and minimising time spent managing the whole process.

Integrated analysis of digital and analogue tachograph records

Seamless analysis and a complete picture of compliance with drivers’ hours.

Internet based Software as a Service with role based password protection

Access to the data, reports and analysis any time and any place you have an internet connection. Data is safe, secure and always available when you need it.

Driver Vehicle Safety Checks, Tachograph Analysis and Driving licence Verification with DVLA

Get the complete picture on driver, depot and operational compliance to take advantage of DVSA’s Earned Recognition.

ISO 27001 Accredited

Data security - Information Security Management for the capture, storage, analysis and reporting of data from analogue and digital tachographs and driver licences