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Improving home deliveries and the consumer experience 

The continued growth in online shopping for groceries and the desire by consumers for home deliveries means grocery retailers must take advantage of proven strategies to influence buyer behaviour through a positive customer experience. 

The key lies in packing more into every delivery hour with proven technology and software that not only optimises your delivery routes and schedules for peak time efficiency but also elevates the customer experience.  

Providing the consumer with a self-service delivery scheduling solution that offers the customer choice and convenience while maintaining your profitability and efficiency is our secret ingredient.   

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Overcome final mile delivery challenges 

Customer expectations

Increasing customer expectations

Consumers no longer necessarily want deliveries the next day, but rather when they want them, on a day and time that suits them.

consumer deliveries

Competitive customer decision‑making

The number of abandoned carts on your website tells a story. Are consumers influenced by convenience and choice and buying from a competitor that offers a better delivery selection?

complex deliveries

Complex deliveries

Selecting the best vehicles and calculating delivery schedules that maximise capacity while reducing costs and not just miles driven is time-consuming without the right software.

delivery scheduling

Seasonal fluctuations in demand

Ensuring you don’t over-commit to deliveries during peak times can be as important as maintaining fleet efficiency during periods of lower demand.

reduce costs

Cost-cutting in the supply chain

It might be difficult to reduce costs throughout your supply chains. However, when you adopt the correct solutions, cost reduction is feasible at every step of the supply chain, including last-mile delivery, warehouse management, transportation management, and more.

implementing sustainability

Becoming more sustainable

Retail distribution is significantly influenced by market trends. For instance, the consumer interest in sustainability. Reducing emissions is vital to keep in mind as you optimise your retail distribution network and home delivery operation and turn it into a competitive strength that consumers value.

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Make Home Delivery Easy with Descartes

Descartes' delivery scheduling software will continuously analyse orders as they come in and consider the delivery resources and capacity available, as opposed to taking a batch of orders that are hoped to be delivered the next day or sometime in the future. 

This ensures vehicles and delivery routes are optimised with the highest possible delivery density.

Optimising Deliveries

The system checks that the vehicles and drivers available are fully utilised and take precise routes, while not being over-committed outside of their normal working hours and legal drivers’ hours limits.

As a result, we are able to confidently predict short window delivery ETAs with automated notifications to the consumer.  

Reduce costs and lower CO2 emissions

Our products will help you optimise fleet resources, reduce emissions reduction, and cut costs. 

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