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Driven by great delivery service

Driven by your success.

When it comes to delivery routing and scheduling software solutions, ours go further and deliver more. That’s especially important right now, as road transport operations face the challenges of increased demands for delivery, rising fuel prices and driver shortages.

Having proven our ability to deliver and help sustain business success for our customers, we’re confident we can help all kinds of businesses to get more from their existing  delivery fleet AND improve customer service along the way. 

When the customer experience impacts your bottom line and operational efficiencies are key to maximising your margins,  you can trust Descartes to deliver.

Find out how we can support you and your drivers to work better and smarter while delivering an exceptional customer experience, all while saving time and money.

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Create industry advantages


Retail non-food

Overcome the challenges of delivering goods from the store to the consumer.

Home furnishings

Home delivery

Meet the expectations and growing consumer demand for home deliveries.


Supermarkets & Wholesalers

Meet the various delivery requirements of demanding customers that require home delivery.

Success stories

How Descartes drives success

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Delivery Reservations

Automated delivery scheduling, the ability to allow customers to choose their own delivery slots, determined by resources available will improve customer satisfaction.

route optimisation time

Delivery Route Scheduling

The concept of delivery route scheduling is to determine which delivery vehicle an order should be transported on and the best order in which a delivery vehicle should make its deliveries.

location on map

Route Optimisation

Use clever mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence to dynamically optimise delivery routes from the latest road network data in real time.

street map location

Delivery Route Planning

The creation of optimised delivery routes, allocating resources and refining delivery routes in order to maximise a company's operating efficiency.

multiple locations on a route

Multiple Drop Route Planner

Plan and optimises multiple drop delivery routes, including address verification and the ability to track a vehicle's progress in real-time against the planned route.

delivery tot he home

Last Mile Delivery

Improving customer satisfaction with your deliveries, from delivery slot selection to customer tracking apps and digital proof of delivery with our last mile delivery services.