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Tyres on the Drive

Tyres on the Drive implement Dynamic Appointment Scheduling & Routing Optimisation

UK-based business-to-consumer mobile tyre-fitting company, Tyres on the Drive, now offer delivery appointment self-scheduling online through Descartes’ dynamic appointment scheduling and route planning solution. Founded in 2011, Tyres On The Drive offers consumers a mobile tyre-fitting service at a location and time of their choice, with appointments available seven days a week from 8am – 8pm, the company employs approximately 100 technicians and operates a fleet of 70 vans across the UK.

With the use of Descartes’ advanced appointment booking solution, the company has been able to replace its largely manual, contact centre-based appointment booking process with a more accurate and efficient online delivery scheduling service. As part of the Routing, Mobile and Telematics suite, the appointment scheduling solution integrates seamlessly with Tyres On the Drive’s new ordering system and determines the best delivery options to present to a customer during the buying process.

A differentiated customer experience

The appointment booking solution takes into consideration a number of variables, such as job location; proximity to other scheduled jobs; estimated job time; order size and weight; as well as customer history. Based on pre-configured parameters, the system presents customers with dynamically-priced booking windows that optimise performance metric such as ‘jobs per productive hour’ and ‘jobs per van’. The solution’s flexibility allows distributors, retailers and other delivery organisations to offer different appointment window sizes and value-added services in real-time at the point of sale.

By deploying the solution, Tyres on the Drive has not only increased the productivity of its fleet but also increased revenue by offering customers a no-fuss self-select online appointments service. Looking ahead, Tyres On The Drive’s future goal is to offer a same-day delivery service, which can be achievable with the flexibility and granularity Descartes can provide. Through the use of Descartes’ dynamic appointment scheduling and route planning solution, Tyres On the Drive is achieving more with the same resources in a way that offers both commercial and customer service benefits.

Operating an efficient fleet and mobile workforce that meets customer service expectations starts with proper planning. Descartes Route Planning solutions give logistics professionals the tools to maximise fleet and mobile resource utilisation and efficiency.


Tyres on the Drive are now owned by Halfords. 

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