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Telesuper - Netherlands

The Telesuper online retail sales were growing and their delivery service needed to keep pace with their growth online to ensure customer satisfaction.

"To keep pace with the rapid growth of our business, we sought a technology solution to automate and optimize our vehicle routing process," said Nimmoo Adam, IT Manager at Telesuper. Superior customer service levels are of the upmost importance to Telesuper and the company focuses on one hundred percent service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Telesuper opted for Descartes when selecting their delivery scheduling and routing solution.

"Descartes is excited to help Telesuper accelerate their eCommerce growth while operating more cost-effective and customer-centric delivery operations," said Paul Simon Thomas, Senior Vice President of Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Descartes. "A growing number of leading retailers around the world rely on our innovative route planning and mobile solutions to transform and differentiate their customers' buying and delivery experience."

About Telesuper

In the Netherlands Telesuper is a leading, fast growing e-commerce grocery retailer delivering mostly fresh products to offices, healthcare establishments and childcare organisations all across the country. 

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