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STARK Maximises Vehicle Utilisation

STARK Group is the leading retailer and distributor of construction products in the Nordic area. STARK Group selected Descartes’ cloud-based route planning for its operations in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, which accounted for almost half of the group's total of 180 construction supply outlets.

"Our clients place a high value on timely, precise, and flexible deliveries. Our mission is to deliver on-time and provide excellent customer service. That is why in Norway, Sweden and Finland we complement our solution in Denmark with route planning from Descartes,” explains Per Rimkjaer, Project & Transport Manager at STARK Group,

"Customers will enjoy accurate deliveries of their purchases. Customers will also notice that when they contact us, our customer care can provide a more informed service since customer service can view the status of all deliveries at once."



Solution: Cloud-based solution with great functionality  

Beijer Byggmaterial and STARK Finland are maximising the utilisation of their distributors' vehicles thanks to Descartes route planning. It is possible to track deliveries in real-time and alert customers immediately in the event of any delays.  With the help of an app, there are various tools for systematic follow-up. The cloud-based solution can be easily utilised by multiple distributors without the need for special equipment, and the delivery can therefore be signed for and approved by the client at time of delivery on-site.

"We are delighted and glad to be able to contribute to the growth and success of STARK Group. Our cloud-based route planning is a highly functional solution that will provide STARK Group with several options to improve route planning" said Lars Persson, the Sales Director of the Nordic Region for Descartes.

Stark Group lorry

The STARK Group

STARK Group is one of Northern Europe's major merchants and distributors of professional construction products, employing around 10,000 people across more than 420 stores in six countries, with headquarters in Frederiksberg, Denmark. Today, the STARK Group owns and runs five builders' retail chains in Germany, Denmark and Greenland, Sweden, Finland, and Norway: STARK Deutschland GmbH, STARK Denmark, Beijer Byggmaterial AB, and Neumann Bygg A/S.


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