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Jacques Remy & Sons Uses Descartes’ Route Planning Solution to Reduce Transportation Costs and Improve Service

Jacques Remy & Sons, a leading Belgian distributor of fresh produce, has optimised its multi-country distribution operations with Descartes’ route planning solution.

Deployed in less than two months, the cloud-based solution reduced the distributor’s transportation costs, enabled real-time delivery tracking to enhance the customer experience, and ensured the company could efficiently and cost-effectively manage the upswing in sales activity.


Differentiation through Route Optimisation

“Given an influx of new contracts and the logistical complexities and regulatory constraints of transporting fresh produce to multiple countries, we needed to optimise delivery performance and tracking in order to meet customer expectations,” said Isabelle Libert, Executive Assistant at Jacques Remy & Sons. “The rapid implementation of the routing solution, coupled with Descartes’ change management expertise, enabled us to immediately reap the operational and bottom-line benefits across our combined fleet of vans and transport trucks that deliver to both grocery stores and wholesalers as well as to small business professionals.”

Part of Descartes’ route planning and execution, mobile and telematics suite, Descartes’ route planning and optimisation helps brands achieve more agile, efficient and sustainable routing by generating additional delivery capacity and reducing costs. For distribution-intensive companies, like Jacques Remy & Sons, the solution creates delivery efficiencies and improves customer service by optimising delivery routes and managing their execution through a real-time mobile application used by drivers. Drivers also use the mobile application to capture proof-of-delivery (POD) details. Real-time text or email notifications keep customers up to date with the progress of the delivery to enhance the customer experience.

“We’re pleased that our route planning solution has rapidly transformed delivery management into a differentiating element of Jacques Remy & Sons’ business strategy, making it a lever for customer satisfaction and loyalty,” said Peio Ribas, Senior Vice President Sales, EMENAR at Descartes. “Now that plan versus actual performance tracking is in place, they have the data to calculate the cost of each delivery and vehicle. Our cloud-based route planning, execution, and mobile solution allows companies to consistently provide superior delivery performance while minimising distribution costs as they scale and grow.”

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About Jacques Remy & Sons

Founded in 1974 by the Remy family, Jacques Remy & Sons has distinguished itself by continually offering quality food products at affordable prices and maintaining the strictest standards and certification requirements for the transportation of products to our customers. For more information, visit www.jacquesremy.com.

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