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Iceland Post

Iceland Post is the Icelandic national postal service. It offers reliable services for companies and individuals in the field of distribution, communications and logistics. The Iceland Post distribution network reaches all homes and businesses in Iceland. Post offices and rural postmen provide customers with complete postal service. Iceland Post operates internationally with other postal services and partner organisations transporting products to and from Iceland, thus creating links with distribution systems all around the world.

Iceland Post, is using Descartes’ route planning solution to manage delivery operations for Iceland Post as the company shifts its primary focus from mail to parcel delivery in support of the country’s dramatic growth in ecommerce.

“Such a fundamental change to our business comes with various IT and logistics challenges, including the need to adapt delivery schedules to a growing number of last-minute parcel pickups,” said Einar Geir Jónsson, Head of Business Development at Iceland Post. “The Descartes solution provides the advanced capabilities we need to transform our logistics processes and, in doing so, improve the responsiveness of our delivery operations and reach higher standards of customer service."

Iceland Post is using Descartes’ strategic route modelling capabilities to analyse territories, service levels and daily route planning processes to develop the most cost-effective delivery strategy. For daily route execution, the company will use the cloud-based Descartes Route Planner™ On-demand solution to optimise static and dynamic routes, dispatch optimised routes, and provide a real-time, GPS-based view of driver movements and delivery status across the organisation.

The solutions will allow Iceland Post to adjust delivery schedules on the fly to accommodate customer needs, such as a change in address, even on the date of delivery, because a customer wants to accept a parcel delivery at work instead of home. Iceland Post will also use the solution to capture electronic proof-of-delivery and to provide customers with updates using pre and post-delivery notification services.