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Gist, a leading supply chain services provider, expanded its use of Descartes Smartanalysis™ across its European road transport operations after using it to manage their compliance with drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations in the UK.

Gist Limited is a supply chain company with a history spanning over 100 years. They have over 3,000 customers from a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors including market leaders such as Marks & Spencer and Starbucks. Gist provides innovative bespoke supply chain solutions that deliver cost savings, environmental benefits and competitive advantage.

Gist has been using Descartes Smartanalysis for a number of years in the UK to ensure their compliance for their fleet of more than 1,000 heavy goods vehicles and 2,000 drivers.

“Before using Descartes, managing compliance for our large and widely dispersed fleet in Europe was a time-consuming and labour-intensive operation for Gist. By extending our use of Smartanalysis to include the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, France and Scandinavia, we can drive additional efficiencies in our business.” - Ken Clarke, Head of Transport Operations in Europe

The European Union is continuing its efforts to harmonise the enforcement of legislation regarding tachograph data and drivers’ hours across member states to promote road safety and ensure a level competitive landscape between commercial road transport operators. As part of Descartes’ SmartCompliance suite designed to address these regulations, Descartes Smartanalysis is a cloud-based tachograph analysis solution that helps road transport operators with fleets of all sizes, like Gist, meet legal obligations with regard to drivers’ hours, working time, and tachograph regulations. It also has capabilities to verify that drivers hold a valid driving licence and to access tachograph data, analysis and reports via the Internet.