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What is your impact on the environment?  

Companies that minimise the environmental impact of their fleet operations not only help the planet but also benefit from fleet efficiency gains and improved customer service. 

Advanced route optimisation software will maximise delivery density and reduce miles driven. It is essential for managing the challenges in road transport operations on the path to net‑zero. 

Find out what you can achieve using Descartes’ advanced route optimisation software with our fuel savings and CO2 reductions calculator



Driving success through sustainability

Descartes’ Routing and Scheduling Software reduces emissions through smarter vehicle routing, reducing the miles driven and fuel consumption, whilst maximising delivery capacity and improving customer satisfaction.

Driving fewer miles will reduce your CO2 emissions today and help you to deliver more for less. 

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Deliver More for Less

Create a competitive advantage through sustainability.

Create an innovative routing strategy today

Descartes’ routing software will help you to reduce your environmental impact now, on the road to net zero.  

Find out how we can support you in delivering your sustainability plan and maintain a competitive edge. Increase your delivery capacity without compromising on sustainability. 

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The Features

  • Dynamic Delivery Scheduling 
  • Advanced Route Optimisation 
  • Digital Proof of Delivery 
  • Vehicle Telematics 

The Benefits

  • Precise delivery slot timings 
  • Improved delivery routes & higher delivery capacity 
  • More successful first-time deliveries 
  • Improved driver behaviour and reduced idling time 

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