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Descartes Delivery Route Planning & Fleet Optimisation Software

Smarter Logistics. Smarter Deliveries. Smarter Compliance. Get more out of your fleet.

Using our Route Planning Software existing customers have:

  • Increased delivery capacity by 35%
  • Achieved over £1m in savings on fuel
  • Reduced vehicle servicing and consumable costs
  • Reduced transport costs by 10% per ton delivered
  • Improved on-time deliveries by 30%
  • Reduced non-compliance infringement levels 50%

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Our software for road transport operations will help you gain more out of your fleet, whilst still ensuring compliance with the complex rules and regulations that apply to fleets of any size.

Our multiple drop delivery route planning software is ideal for last mile delvieries while our transportation management solutions help with the management of parcel delvieries, all these solutions will help you decrease costs, improve service, increase productivity and reduce the environmental impact of your operations.


Descartes Delivery Route Planning Software provides logistics professionals with the tools to maximise fleet and mobile resource utilisation efficiently.

Whilst our Transportation Management Solution provides the tools necessary to carry out optimisation of both your inbound and outbound deliveries across a wide variety of methods.

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Smart Solutions for Logistics

An overview of Descartes Scheduling, Routing, Mobile Apps, Telematics, Transportation Management and SmartCompliance solutions and how they integrate with each other.

Our solutions

Route Planning & Scheduling

Plan, dispatch, and control fleet resources. Build optimised routes and schedules with costed delivery options in seconds. Achieve more deliveries in fewer miles to reduce fuel, servicing, and maintenance costs.

Transportation Management

Manage your own fleet and external third parties from one easy to use interface. Maximise your vehicle utilisation, reduce the cost of using outsourced delivery agents and improve customer service.

Mobile Applications

Use our mobile applications to improve delivery routes, provide ETAs, take new orders or payments and proof of delivery, plus enabling and ensuring the recording of daily driver vehicle safety checks.


GPS Tracking, vehicle diagnostics and improving driver behaviour monitoring - discover how to start reducing your costs and improving safety of your fleet.

SmartCompliance™ Road Transport Compliance

Save yourself time, money and headaches in managing compliance with drivers’ hours and tachograph regulations. Ensure staff hold a valid driving licence and driver CPC. Minimise roadside prohibitions due to roadworthiness.

Our Solutions Provide

Maximise operational efficiency

  • Minimise route planning time
  • Maximise deliveries without increasing the fleet size
  • Cut fuel and delivery costs
  • Provide costed delivery options in seconds

Increase profitability

  • Unlock opportunities for value added services
  • Reduce wastage & costs
  • Minimise dependence and costs of third party delivery agents

Improve customer service

  • Customer delivery slot selection
  • Automatic delivery updates
  • More accurate ETA's
  • Contactless proof of deliveries
  • Photographic evidence

Compliant fleet operations

  • Assistance gaining Earn Recognition status
  • Tachograph analysis and reporting
  • Driving licence verification
  • Walk-around daily vehicle safety checks